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Ancienne Égypte

Necklace <br />Gift (Steel)

Necklace <br />Gift (Steel)

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An Egyptian necklace "gift of Thoth" which refers to the gift that the god Thoth offered to the falcon-headed god Horus: the magical eye Udjat, later known as the eye of Horus.

  • Stainless steel pendant: quality 316L steel, nobly patinates over time, water resistant
  • Resistant pendant: meshed, reinforced and elegant structure
  • Neat and precise details
  • Chain length: 17.5" (45 cm) | Pendant size20x23 mm

📏Refer to our MEASUREMENT GUIDE to see how the necklace will look according to its length.📏

If you are looking for a pendant, memory of the land of Horus, Osiris and Isis, this eye of Horus necklace "pendant of Ra" (steel) might be a smart choice! You can as well visit our complete collection of eye of Horus necklaces to discover all our models which carry the famous "Udjat symbol".

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Wepwawet Anubis pharaoh Narmer Anput (Middle and New kingdom)


A necklace that refers to the Egyptian god with a head of falcon

Horus (meaning "the high" or "the distant" in ancient Egyptian) was the celestial falcon-headed god of Egyptian mythology. God of "pharaohs royalty", of "peace after war" and of hunting, Horus was the third divine pharaoh of the Earth in Egyptian mythology (after his father Osiris and his uncle Set).

Most of the time, Horus was represented as a falcon or as a falcon-headed man with a Pschent crown (the red and white crown of pharaohs). In ancient Egypt monuments, we can also frequently see him depicted with a solar disk on his head (the Aten disk surrounded by the royal cobra Uræus).

This second appearance is the form "Horus, the ancient" of Horus: a Horus who is not the third pharaoh of Egypt but who is instead the creator of the world and of all life forms. So to speak, this Horus, the ancient is the predecessor of the Sun-god Amun-Ra who took the place of "Horus, the ancient" in the myth of the creation of the human world in Egyptian myths.


A necklace that refers to a very ancient deity

Horus Egyptian name was “Hor”, “Heru” or “Har” (however we know him today under his Greek name Horus). Indeed, in ancient Greece, Horus was a very popular god (especially for its head of hawk denoting with the Greek gods!). In some periods of few ancient Greece’s cities, Horus has even replaced the Greek deity of the Sun, Apollo.

Horus is a very old god of Egypt: he was already known in Predynastic times (the eras of Egypt before the appearance of pharaohs). He was a god linked to royalty who protects monarchs, whose center of worship was Hieracómpolis.

Since the Egyptian Old Kingdom’s era, the pharaoh was considered as the manifestation of Horus on Earth (although, that at his death, the pharaoh became a part of the creator god Ra destined to rule with him).

During the New Kingdom, Horus became associated with the god Ra, as the new god "Ra- Horus" (or "Ra-Horakhty"). Horus is also a member of the Osirian triad (with his father, the god Osiris, and his mother, the goddess Isis).

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