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Our Egyptian rings

A ring and a story

Not content with an elegant and well-made design, our rings also carry a famous story that has been spread all over the world for 3000 years: that of glorious ancient Egypt.

This period is immensely rich in tradition. Egyptian polytheistic culture and religion has fascinated entire generations with its mysteries and complexity.

In addition to this historical side, our rings are separated from the common rings by their unique function as totems and talisman that they provide to their wearer. A ring with the effigy of an ancient pyramid, an Egyptian scarab or a god such as Horus, Ra or Sobek is much more personal because of the legends it carries within it than any ring without history.

In the service of your style, we propose you sober rings of Egyptian inspiration which will mix easily with a classic, urban or streetwear style.

A ring to assert yourself!

Nowadays, despite the diversity of clothing styles, the main ones remain devoid of a decoration reflecting the identity and personality of their owner. This is a pity because an accessory of choice can reflect the soul of its wearer, sometimes much more than his eyes.

Egyptian ring - men

An Egyptian ring refers to the greatness of Egyptian civilization, the first of the empires that mankind has known.

A ring inspired by the land of the Nile thus reflects a charismatic image of the distinguished being who wears it, having made his choice by referring to the fascinating ancient Egyptian beliefs and their divine pantheon.

It is clear that the masculine essence can only be strengthened by wearing a talisman in the form of a ring of Ra (the Sun falcon-headed god, creator of the cosmos in the Egyptian mythology) or Sobek (the crocodile god of strength and pharaohs).

Egyptian ring - women

A ring for woman is very interesting. An Egyptian ring for woman is even better! Let us not forget that the Egyptian pantheon does not only contain Ra, Horus, Sobek and Miysis, it also includes great goddesses guarantors of femininity: Bastet (the famous cat goddess), Isis and Hathor.

Let us not forget also that the feminine jewelry was born in ancient Egypt from the meeting between the great wealth of the women of the court of the pharaohs and the dexterity of the ancient master craftsmen, improved day by day by the lure of gain!

It is thus necessary to thank the archaeologists because it is especially thanks to their archaeological discoveries that the treasures of the jewelry of ancient Egypt resurfaced in our modern society.

Our rings are inspired by the wonders of ancient Egypt. Our jewelry has taken everything that was precious in the land of Cleopatra and Ramses II: the engagement rings of Nefertiti and Akhenaten, some white gold rings discovered in pharaonic tombs or the pure gold rings of the pharaoh Khufu.

In short, everything is a pretext to provide you with the best accessories inspired by those made by the alliance of the jewelers of the Nile valley.

The manufacture of our rings

A marvelous manufacture!

We have built up a network of suppliers who share our passion for Egypt and who help us to give to each ring a particular story of Egyptian mythology.

We do our utmost to offer rings of excellent quality that will make your friends and family jealous.

The history of Egyptian rings

Our customers like to know what's behind their articles, so we've created a blog tracing the history of the Egyptian pantheon and of the Egyptian civilization.

This blog gives our customers the opportunity to amaze their friends and relatives with their culture when they have a discussion about an item purchased from us.

Egyptian ring (316L stainless steel)

One of our 316L stainless steel rings is an ideal companion: aesthetically graceful and timeless, it will accompany you for a long time. Moreover, it will resist any disappearance of trend since it holds the essence of a civilization known for several millennia and still trendy today.

Egyptian ring (sterling silver 925)

Silver is a precious metal highly regarded in jewelry for its rarity, its charming texture and its ability to be worked into luxurious jewelry with elegant details.

An Egyptian-inspired solid silver ring makes more sense than you might think, since the pharaohs' entourage used the same metal for theirs.

A short history of jewelry in ancient Egypt

A great era

The greatness of Egyptian civilization led to a great prosperity in all of Egypt's great cities (mainly Memphis, Saqqarah, Thebes, Luxor, Aswan and Cairo). This prosperity allowed the abundance of many raw materials (coming from Egypt or from friendly neighboring countries) to realize articles of high jewelry.

Antique materials

The goldsmiths could therefore practice their profession with the noblest materials and precious or semi-precious stones of antiquity.

Egyptian nobles were entitled to a wide choice of gems to set in their jewelry: high carat diamonds, opal crystals, rhodium minerals, turquoise with white reflections, lapis lazuli, royal jaspers, solitary rubies, aquamarine stones, zirconium oxides, corundum, rose quartz gemstones, agates, citrines, peridot pearls, spinels and sapphire cabochons of excellent quality. These diverse and varied stones were the delight of all Egyptians attracted by the costume jewelry of the great markets of ancient Egypt.

Fortunately, so that the gem setters of Egypt could honor such nuggets of gemology, precious metals were of an equivalent luxury: pink gold certified by a hallmark of the same metal, white gold or rhodium-plated silver!