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Ancienne Égypte

Necklace <br />African Ankh (Steel)

Necklace <br />African Ankh (Steel)

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Metal color

A necklace "ankh of South Africa" which represent the famous symbol of "life" in Egyptian antiquity ant that we find nowadays in the Neopagan belief systems.

  • Stainless steel pendant: quality 316L steel, nobly patinates over time, water resistant
  • Resistant pendant: meshed, reinforced and elegant structure
  • Very agreeable to wear
  • Chain length: 18" (45 cm)

📏Refer to our MEASUREMENT GUIDE to see how the necklace will look according to its length.📏

If you are looking for a necklace, reminiscent of the land of the pharaohs, this ankh necklace "ankh eye of Horus" (steel) could be a great choice! If not, you can also visit our complete collection of ankh necklaces to see all the models with this cross-shaped emblem of ancient Egypt.

If you are not interested in this type of symbol, you can discover all our Egyptian necklaces. If you want even more choices, don't hesitate to have a look at the rings, bracelets and necklaces which compose our Egyptian jewelry.

Wepwawet Anubis pharaoh Narmer Anput (Middle and New kingdom)


An Egyptian ankh necklace

Originally, the ancient Egyptian word "ankh" itself means "life". This strange Egyptian cross symbol was considered as a religious symbol of "life" and by extension of the god of immortality Osiris.


A pendant from ancient Egypt

The pharaohs of the New Kingdom established a period of unprecedented prosperity by securing their borders and strengthening diplomatic ties with their neighbours.
Military campaigns under Thutmose I and his grandson, Thutmose III extended the pharaohs' influence in Syria and Nubia. They also strengthened loyalties and get access to essential imports such as bronze and wood. Pharaohs in the New Kingdom began a large-scale campaign to promote the falcon-headed god Amun-Ra (whose cult was based at Karnak).
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