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We are honored to present this best collection of ankh necklaces and pendants! Admirer of jewelry related to Egyptian legends or just looking for nice pendant that you will be able to keep for a while? You are arrived to the good door.

Egyptian ankh PENDANT

The ankh hieroglyph

The ankh is a hieroglyph representing the word "nih" which means "life". We also know the Egyptian hieroglyph "☥" as:

  • The "key of life"
  • The "Nile cross"
  • The "Egyptian cross"
  • The "cross of life"

This symbol was used by ancient Egyptians to symbolize life and eternal life. The Egyptians believed that their life on Earth was only a small part of a greater eternal life which will continue in the world of the gods. Therefore, the ankh cross of life symbolizes not only their mortal existence on Earth, but also their immortal existence in the afterlife. However, although we know a lot about the meaning carried by the ankh, the origins of its cross-shaped form stay a great mystery.

The ankh in Egyptian art

In Egyptian art, the ankh is omnipresent among the mythologic scenes representations. Indeed, ankh is frequently carried by gods and goddesses who hold it by the buckle or wear it in each hand with arms folded over the chest. The ankh also often appears represented as a gift from gods to the pharaoh (who represents the whole Egypt).

Different deities are represented with the ankh. Most of the time, it is the goddess Isis (the goddess of magic and secrets), but it can also be Amun-Ra (the falcon-headed god of the sun), Maat (the winged goddess of the law) or Sekhmet (the lion-headed goddess of war).

In Egyptian temples walls, the pharaohs also hold the ankh which emphasizing their divine nature. Indeed, the pharaohs (supposed to be the spiritual sons of Amon-Ra) are authorized to hold ankh as a proof that they are entrusted by the gods of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Our ankh necklaces for men

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Our ankh necklaces for women

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Egyptian symbol necklace

Nowadays, the ankh is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) emblems of the Egypt of pharaohs. In fact, only the eye of Horus (also known as the Egyptian eye) and the winged beetle can be observed as great symbols of ancient Egypt as is the ankh cross.

Thus, as the Egyptian symbol of life and willpower, the ankh cross is absolutely a perfect choice when it comes to necklaces (you can however have a look to our eye of Horus necklaces).