Collection: Ankh Jewelry

In this collection, you will find necklaces, rings and bracelets at the effigy of the Egyptian cross: the ankh cross!

Egyptian ankh jewelry

The meaning of the ankh

The Egyptian cross of life (also known as the "ankle cross") means "life" (and by extension means "eternal life"). This symbol is written "☥" in hieroglyphics. In Egyptian ancient monuments, we can frequently observe the ankh cross in the hands of some gods and goddesses (in particular Amun-Ra and Isis). The ankh can also be seen as a key opening the door to the kingdom of Osiris (called "the afterlife of the Righteous").

First, this cross is the symbol of immortality because the world life represents all the kinds of life (and ancient Egyptians believed that their life on Earth was only a small part of much larger one).

Secondly, this cross is also a symbol of the power of pharaohs. Indeed, according to Egyptian beliefs, a pharaoh is always the son of the Sun deity Amun-Ra who is his "third parent". And, because only gods can carry an ankh in their hand, the fact that a pharaoh is represented with an ankh testifies to the fact that the king of Egypt is indeed of divine extraction.

Ankh origins

The ankh appeared at the beginning of Egyptian civilization to accompany many ritual ceremonies and to serve as a protective talisman. Yet, the origin of the ankh cross form is very controversial in the field of Egyptology (Egyptology being the science dedicated to the history of Egypt).

Some identify it with a pharaonic sandal strap, others with a bull's vertebrae, and others with a mirror. One thing is certain, the cross represents life after death and is also thought to symbolize the union between the goddess Isis and the god Osiris that saved humanity thanks to the victory of their son Horus over the evil god Set. 

Our ankh jewelry for men

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Our ankh jewelry for women

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Egyptian symbol jewelry

Nowadays, the Egyptian cross is among the most famous (if perhaps not the most famous) icons of ancient Egypt. Actually, only the Egyptian beetle symbol or the Egyptian eye symbol (also known as the eye of Horus) can be seen as great emblems of Egypt as is seen the ankh.

So, being the Egyptian symbol of both willpower and life, the ankh is simply a wonderful option for a choice of jewelry.