Collection: Egyptian Bracelet

We are happy to present in this collection Egyptian bracelets subtly inspired of the Egypt of pharaohs and ancient animal-headed deities.

Our Egyptian bracelets

An Egyptian bracelet it is before everything a story: the one of the Nile valley's civilization 4000 years ago. For each of our bracelets, we provide small descriptions which guarantee you a good understanding of the symbols or the Egyptian mythological figures which are hiding behind these pieces of jewelry.

Ancient Egyptian bracelets

Our Egyptian jewelry such as our bracelets are inspired by the greatest figures of ancient Egypt (principally the deities of the Egyptian pantheon and the great pharaohs that Egypt knew).

These "small parts of ancient Egypt" give our bracelets a slight mystical aspect. This fragment of Egyptian legends worn by these bracelets differentiates them from modern bracelets that do not always carry a little "big story" inside.

Scarab, eye of Horus and deities bracelets

We are convinced that our bracelets bear strong values:

- An Egyptian bracelet is a fascinating piece and no doubt it will be the object of more than one question due to the fantastic energy it radiates. These questions will obviously create opportunities, you will have conversations with some people you would never have had without this mystical and mythical accessory.

- An Egyptian bracelet is an elegant piece that will make you stand out in any situation, whether with friends or strangers. Moreover, this distinguished elegance is risk-free because bracelets are rather socially accepted pieces that will not put you in social danger!

- The greatness and nobility of the gods and pharaohs of the ancient Nile country, who were inspiring models.

Between gods and pharaohs

Our Egyptian bracelets symbolize the meeting of the Egyptian civilization with the mythology which results from it. So we can guarantee you that our bracelets are well inspired thanks to these two beautiful large branches:

- On the side of the Egyptian civilization, our Egyptian bracelets are inspired by all that grows this ancient formidable state: its temples and its pyramids as well as its pharaohs (such as Ramesses II, Ptolemy, Akhenaten or Khufu) and their queens (such as Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Hatshepsut or Sobekneferu).

- On the side of Egyptian mythology, the inspiration for the design of our bracelets comes from the religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians discovered by Egyptologists who succeeded in deciphering the hieroglyphs.

You will easily recognize among our bracelets those inspired by the great symbols and deities of Upper and Lower Egypt (the falcon god Horus, the creator god Ra, the god of evil Set, the wolf god Anubis, the goddess of love Hathor, the goddess of magic Isis, the lion goddess Sekhmet, the cross of life "cross ankh").


The inspiration for our Egyptian fancy jewelry comes from the good work of the Egyptian jewelers and goldsmiths, who developed their arts thanks to the age of prosperity brought by the successive benevolent reigns of the pharaohs.

This hard work of the craftsmen of the Nile country is the foundation on which jewelry for men and women of all subsequent eras evolved. The basis for the creation of exceptional rings, earrings and chains were born in this period. Indeed, Egyptian merchants used the most expensive gemstones (lapis lazuli, amethyst gemstones, topaz cabochon, rose quartz, zircon) and steels (925 sterling silver, rhodium-plated silver, gold) of the time to improve their art.

Worthy heirs of these jewels having made the fortune of the pyramid looters, our bracelets will bring you luck and fortune or simply be an elegant piece!