Egyptian Necklace
Ankh of Might (Steel)

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An Egyptian necklace "ankh of might". These mysterious cross-shaped symbols can be found in almost all temples and other monuments of Ancient Egypt.

  • Stainless steel pendant: quality 316L steel, nobly patinates over time, water resistant
  • Resistant pendant: meshed, reinforced and elegant structure
  • Very agreeable to wear

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Wepwawet Anubis pharaoh Narmer Anput (Middle and New kingdom)


An Egyptian ankh necklace

Many Egyptologists have hypothesized that the ankh is the knot in the lace of ancient Egyptian shoes, the Egyptian sandals. This hypothesis is rather credible because the pharaohs of Egypt were frequently depicted with sandals representing their footprints (metaphorically, their power) on the lands of Egypt.

A pendant from ancient Egypt

Important advances were made in architecture, art and technology during the Old Egyptian Kingdom, thanks to agricultural productivity gains managed by a well-developed central administration.
The Egyptian Old Kingdom was also a period of great progress in architecture, art and jewelry. Under the leadership of the Wazir (officials who collected taxes), a justice system which maintain peace and order was established.