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Ancienne Égypte

Deity Ring <br>(Steel)

Deity Ring <br>(Steel)

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A ring depicting Maahes, the Egyptian god of war. A majestic lion and breathtaking details: this is a real signet ring really worthy of the name!

  • 316L Stainless Steel: ages well, water resistant
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Neat details
  • Weight: 26 gr

Indicated size: equal to the circumference in mm (easy to measure!)

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Wepwawet Anubis pharaoh Narmer Anput (Middle and New kingdom)


Who was the Egyptian god of lions Maahes?
Maahes is not the most famous lion god of Egypt because he is often overshadowed by his mother the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet. Indeed, Sekhmet has been greatly popularized by the "myth of Ra's vengeance".

The myth of the lioness Sekhmet
In ancient Egypt, Maahes has progressively replaces his mother as "the eye of Ra" who punish humanity.
Before to be replaced by Maahes, Egyptian texts present Sekhmet as the incarnation of the eye of Ra, the falcon-headed Sun god which is responsible for the creation of the Earth and of the Sun. This warrior goddess personifying the destructive power of Ra in the "myth of Ra's vengeance".

In this myth, we learn that Sekhmet (or later Maahes) has been specially created by Ra to repress men who revolted against him (as indicated in the "Book of the Cow of Heaven" that we find on the walls of several tombs in the Valley of the Kings). Indeed, as in the Christian "deluge", after they refused to follow the laws enacted by Ra, Sekhmet eradicates almost all the first members of mankind.
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