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Ancienne Égypte

Necklace <br />Hearth Ankh (Steel)

Necklace <br />Hearth Ankh (Steel)

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An Egyptian necklace "hearth ankh" which bear the "eye of Horus".

The ankh and the eye of Horus were at the center of Egyptian civilization because the ankh represents the "cycle of eternal life" where the eye of Horus represents "all the past, present and future pharaohs" who are the guarantors on Earth of this latter cycle".

  • Stainless steel pendant: quality 316L steel, nobly patinates over time, water resistant
  • Resistant pendant: meshed, reinforced and elegant structure
  • Very agreeable to wear

📏Refer to our MEASUREMENT GUIDE to see how the necklace will look according to its length.📏

If you are looking for a necklace, reminiscent of the land of the pharaohs, this ankh necklace "gold cross ankh" (steel) could be a great choice! If not, you can also visit our complete collection of ankh necklaces to see all the models with this cross-shaped emblem of ancient Egypt.

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Wepwawet Anubis pharaoh Narmer Anput (Middle and New kingdom)


An Egyptian ankh necklace

The ankh is quite popular in our modern culture.
Indeed, it has been linked to the immortal creatures as vampires in movies ("The Craving" ; "The Black Cat" ; "Embrace of the Vampire") or in manga and anime ("Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" ; "Yu-Gi-Oh!").

A pendant from ancient Egypt

At the top of ancient Egyptian hierarchy, directing the whole country and coordinating services, there was only one authority: the pharaoh.
The king of Egypt drew his power directly from the gods. He was considered both as their descendant and as their first servant (so his authority cannot be questioned). The pharaonic institution is especially the symbol of national unity and an essential condition of the Nile country stability.
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