Egyptian Jewelry

Our Egyptian jewelry: a masterpiece of stylistic excellence

Modern jewelry (bracelets, rings, pendants) is for everyone the possibility to bring an extra touch of style to a classic outfit. Our Egyptian jewelry takes up this idea by incorporating designs straight out of the palaces and temples of ancient Egypt.

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These jewels are not only elegant, but also bear the history of the great Egyptian civilization, whose grace is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for modern fashion.

Jewelry with a thousand-year-old history

We are the servants of your elegance: we therefore offer you jewels that will not only be discreet but will also intrigue more than one person. However, the quality of our products and the selection of timeless jewelry models will guarantee that you will always be in the era of time with our items.

Egyptian jewelry - man

Whether it's a necklace, a signet ring, a ring or a bracelet, our accessories are not so accessories for your style. We are here to offer you the possibility to wear on your neck, finger or wrist a piece of the history of Egyptian civilization or Egyptian mythology.

Our articles have both a refined design that makes them unique and a high quality that does not make them too extravagant. We are therefore here to honor your masculine essence with jewelry bearing the effigy of the greatest Egyptian symbols such as the eye of Ra and the feathers of Horus or the effigy of the greatest Egyptian gods such as the crocodile-god Sobek and the lion-god Miysis.

Egyptian jewelry - woman

Egyptian jewelry is of course also for women. The Egyptian culture has great goddesses, eternal guarantors of femininity who have offered the world a generous source of inspiration: Hathor, the goddess of beauty and music, Bastet, the cat goddess and Isis, the goddess of secrets. Imagine the grace that a necklace with Bastet's image, a bracelet with Uræus clasp, or a bracelet with fine gemstones representing the eye of Horus will bring to your life.

We promise to be your privileged partner to provide you with the most radiant assets that will enhance you.

Quality jewelry with multiple fantasies

A manufacture that puts everyone in agreement!

We have suppliers who, fortunately, are also true enthusiasts of ancient Egypt. We therefore work with them hand in hand to regularly release new products with one watchword: no concessions on quality.

Our ultimate mission is finally to make your friends and family jealous of your last purchases from us! By the quality of our products in gold, silver or in that silvery metal that is 316L stainless steel, we promise you that.

Egyptian jewelry: "gold plated"

Our gold jewelry is the diamond of our jewelry collection. Of good quality and adorned with the greatest Egyptian figures.

These ultimate Egyptian talismans will meet your desire for simple elegance: for this we offer you Egyptian rings, necklaces and bracelets mostly plated in white gold, pink gold and solar yellow gold.

Egyptian jewelry: "925 sterling silver"

Our silver jewelry with a hallmark "sterling silver 925" are there to sublimate your outfits. All you have to do is choose the jewelry that suits you: silver-plated necklace, silver vermeil necklace, rhodium-plated silver pendant, solid silver ring, silver chain set with white gold or a silver bracelet inlaid with a beautiful semi-precious stone such as a tourmaline, a zirconium oxide gem or even a zirconium cabochon. In any case, the choice is yours!

We strive to offer you items that would make the master jewelers and goldsmiths of ancient Egypt blush with shame. Indeed, the antique jewelry of the Nile country is a tremendous source of inspiration that gives immense strength to our jewelry collection.

Egyptian jewelry: "stainless steel"

You will certainly be surprised by the diversity of our products: so as not to hide anything from you, it is stainless steel that we have to thank. Stainless steel offers a great deal of freedom in the creation of products. With it, nothing is impossible: chains with the effigy of the snake Apep, medallions decorated with semi-precious stones in lapis lazuli color or bicolor long necklaces for women.

The story behind our products

Egyptian guardian figures hidden behind our products

A part of the soul of the ancient civilization is foaming our products: the pyramids, temples and all the beliefs of the polytheistic Egyptian religion are the basis of our Egyptian rings, Egyptian necklaces and bracelets. The great Egyptian figures are indeed strongly integrated into our modern culture (let us remember that Egyptian civilization is the first theme addressed in French colleges in history). This importance given to the memories of ancient Egypt by our western world is due to its civilizational past coming largely from the Roman Empire itself very much influenced by ancient Egypt!

Thus, our Egyptian jewels carry a part of sense, mystery and nostalgia which contributes to their elegance much more than the materials of which they are made.

A blog allowing you to fully understand the story behind our products

To make your friends even more jealous, we provide you with a blog explaining clearly (and without boredom!) the story behind the products you buy from us. The Egyptian pantheon, civilization and symbols should soon hold no more secrets for you. You'll be able to amaze your loved ones with your knowledge of ancient Egypt when you talk to them about your new bracelet, ring or necklace pendant. And knowledge is power!

Jewelry inspired by the greatest

Our jewels are inspired by the findings of archaeologists and Egyptologists. Thus each of our jewels carries a fraction of ancient Egypt rediscovered by our modern world by chance or by relentless research. To finish this paragraph let us present our jewels, let us look together, the ancestors of those of which the Egyptians adorned themselves, four millennia ago of that:

- Earrings: silver earrings or gold earrings, among the ancient Egyptians, the brighter the better.

- Worn on the neck: gold-plated necklaces, chokers, diamond necklace, gold or silver pendant.

- Worn on the wrists: silver rushes, bracelets whose bodies are made of jasper gemstones.

- On the fingers: silver rings set with a labradorite or garnet, gold rings with the effigy of a figure from Egyptian mythology, engagement rings, wedding rings decorated with luxurious stones such as garnets, sapphires or diamonds of several carats.

- Wearing at the ankles: the discretion of the ankles makes it possible to wear ankh jewelry with gemstones or semi-precious stones that are a little out of the ordinary (such as aquamarine, amethyst, topaz or a zirconium oxide cabochon).